Saturday, February 07, 2009

if you have a horse, you can get by almost anywhere

Since it was agreed upon that the film in my last post was 'Azaad', Jo began to belt out 'Raju, chal Raju..' ignoring the flowers, the chandeliers and the glittering guests.

Speaking of horses, Cubbu said he saw a Dara Singh film where Dara Singh on a horse, called Chetak he thinks, races electricity. A girl on a hillock is connected to an electric wire from another hillock. As the villian switches on the current, Dara Singh and Chetak race against the electricity to reach the girl in time and cut the wire before she gets a shock. The failed electrical shock falls in a blue sparkly shower to the ground.

Sorry, I don't even know the right scientific terms for such phenomena.

Speaking of horses yet again, Cubbu said, Kantilal Shah who was famous for roping in big stars for major appearances in his B-grade films by promising them to finish their work in a day, got Dharmendra to appear in a film.

He shot Dharamji astride a horse, then a close shot of Dharamji simulating being on a horse. He cut the close shot with a shot of a girl writhing on a bed. He showed the film in Punjab to full houses. Some relative or friend in Punjab informed Dharmendra after which Dharamji and Sunny stripped Mr Shah and had him parade naked in Juhu. "That's a legendary story," Cubbu said.

Speaking of parading naked, Punjab-da-puttar said our FTII senior Mithun-da used to walk around naked at the Institute from Boy's Hostel to Main Gate which is pretty much the entire campus. "He had a beautiful body, and perhaps that is why Mrinal Sen cast him in 'Mrigayaa'", P-d-p said.

Well, for a bunch of 'Ai, Institute', as Rolly the producer taunts the scriptwriter for suggesting something remotely arty in 'Luck by Chance', and as industry-wallas have been traditionally happy to dismiss institute-wallas, we were full of industry gossip that day.

We were there to celebrate my batchmate, Resul's Oscar nomination for sound on 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Most of us were happy to drink, eat, and meet up with old and new friends, but there weren't too many enthusiastic about the film. I haven't seen it yet.

Googling around, am wondering if the Kanti Shah film with Dharmendra was 'Loha'? If it is the same Kanti Shah as in the Cubbu story?
Mithun-da appears in 'Loha' too!

While you are here, please go read my post 'ladies make inappropriate mistakes' at
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Anonymous said...

Oh, someone else to cheer for at the Oscars :) Fingers crossed for your batchmate!

I was inspired to get a copy of Azaad with subtitles. Just what I needed, another DVD to watch! :-) The Kantilal Shah story is hilarious too! I have Loha I think...will check it out ;-P

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I know, I know, I should not ask this, but: how did they cut the fence without using metal tools and thus taking on the shock themselves? Very, very well insulated metal tools, I guess. Shall we look up how fast electricity travels or just assume that Dara can ride at some significant proportion of the speed of light?

And hurrah for your friend!

Violet said...

Hey.. am missing your header pic. I really liked that one :(

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, I don't even know the right scientific terms for such phenomena."

There are no scientific terms for this phenomenon because science hasnt yet heard of them!

And you have a great store of stories - more please! :-)

Dr. Ally Critter said...

Wow! Are you sure it was not Mithun da? Or Rajnikanth- those two do science defying stuff as well.

Why is your word verification word "undie" I kid you not,

Indeterminacy said...

This reminds me very much of the only Indian film I know! But I can't remember the title - it might have been "The Party" - about a nobelman whose fortune is gone, but he still tries to keep up the appearance of wealth, by throwing elaborate parties and hiring the most beautiful dancers. In the final scene, as I recall, he rides a horse to his death. The movie was from the 1950's.

Banno said...

Memsaab, He did win the BAFTA, now let's see what happens at the Oscars.

Beth, I know! Just need to see this with my own eyes to believe it. Did he tear the wire apart with his strong hands? And if so, why didn't he do it before the racing?

Violet, sometimes I change things around too much. But promise to put up something more funny next time. This one is a little gloomy I know, rather like I'm feeling these days.

Bollyviewer, :-)

Alankrita, I'm sure Mithun da will fund us with some equally hilarious stuff. 'Undie' because of all the pink chaddis going around, you think?

Indeterminacy, the film you describe seems very like 'The Music Room' by Satyajit Ray. That's a different league altogether from all this funny stuff.

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