Monday, August 25, 2008

The Humble Mosquito

Yesterday, Teja scolded me for sitting on my script, in the hope that it would hatch into a film with my body warmth. In 2 months, I have sent the script to 2 producers. They haven't got back to me, and I have not followed up, too polite to chase.

Both producers are not-big.

Teja thinks I should approach AC, SK, AK, KJ, to produce the film. He thinks if I need to get immune to rejection, I might as well start with the big guys and work myself down.

Perhaps I need lessons from the ubiquitous mosquito who can find its way into even the hermetically sealed life of The Star. As long as I don't get swatted.

* Drawing from 'The Star' series by Teja.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I know what I did last week

Was thrown over the edge of the world wide web by my internet service provider. A terrible week when I realized that I simply needed to blog everyday, compared to my average of two blogs a week in a good week.

Around 50 calls to the call centre, service centre and even the head office. Each call picked up by a different person. Explaining the case history each time. And getting a similar response from each person. 2 minutes, 2 hours, by noon, by evening, first thing tomorrow morning.

Someone finally realized 2 days ago that there was a problem with the modem. I've been given a temporary demo modem this evening which works ever so slowly. No fun at all.

Right now, I have a house full of kids. Dhanno's 15th birthday party. 23 kids. I've cooked biryani - chicken and vegetable for around 50 people I think.

So will post in more detail next week. If I'm not thrown off again. And we've washed all the dishes.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Faced with a deadline,

1. I decide I have to read Trollope's 'Orley Farm'.
2. I cook a huge meal, rajma-rice, masala aloo, grilled chicken, rice kheer.
3. I watch 'Kashmir ki Kali'.
4. I feel ill, feverish.
5. I want to scrap everything that I have written so far. Who wants to read this crap? Does it make any sense at all? Is it meaningful? NO.
6. I take photos in the rain.
7. I spend evenings analyzing myself.
8. Find new blogs to link to, and new networks to join.
9. I use the Thesaurus option as I have never done before. Using four words where one would do. I just want to reach the 100,000 mark as soon as I can.

I hope my editor is not reading this.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Traffic Jam

When I say: "I'm sure, there must be a traffic cop ahead, Teja. I'm telling you. They always create a jam."

- Sometimes Teja clenches his teeth and wonders how many more times in his lifetime, does he he have to listen to this statement?

- Sometimes he laughs affectionately and wonders, how many more times he has to listen to this statement in his lifetime.

- Sometimes he replies patiently: "Banno, what has the traffic police done to you? The poor guys stand all day in this noise and pollution and keep things moving."

I say: "No. They don't move their hands fast enough. So they keep one lane going. And all the others block up. Simple."

When we do pass the traffic police performing their antics at a busy crossroads, I smile triumphantly and say: "See, I told you so."

When we don't pass a traffic policeman, but a perfectly legitimate reason for a traffic jam like an overturned truck or a pair of cows confabulating in the middle of the road, Teja smiles triumphantly and says: "See, I told you so."

All said and done, I'm hoping that if Teja draws more traffic jams, he'll be less angry when we are actually stuck in one.

* Drawing by Teja

Thursday, August 07, 2008

All you people out there, please call.

Dhanno goes through my cell phone and says: "The last message you sent someone was 2 days ago."

I say: "So?"

Dhanno says: "I suppose when you are old, you can't just send messages to people like 'Hey, how you doing?' "

I say: "Why not?"

Dhanno says: "People might think you have no work."

I say: "It's not that, really. It's just that I have no friends I want to send messages to like that, everyday."

Dhanno says: "I feel so sad."

I say: "You don't have to feel sorry for me, just because I don't have people to text messages to."

Dhanno says: "I am feeling sorry for myself. What if I don't have a daughter like me, when I grow old? What will I do?"

I say: "So you think my life is pretty sad without you?"

Dhanno says: "Don't you think so? You write about it like that on your blog. You know, Life's punches, and all that."

I say: "That happens to everyone. Things go wrong some times. Doesn't mean your life is sad."

Dhanno says: "Is that necessary?"

I say: "What?"

Dhanno says: "For things to go wrong?"

I say: "No, but they do. Sometimes. It's OK. It would be crazy if nothing went wrong ever, and I was as sweet at 43 as you are at 15."

So, now I know I am old, friendless and pathetic.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

staying at home this weekend

Have decided not to watch
Ugly aur Pagli
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
and am feeling very relieved.
Not to mention
the 1000 odd rupees
I will save.
Can't speak for the middle of the week though
When the urge to be in a theatre
and eat popcorn
will overcome me.
And Teja.
And Dhanno.

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