Thursday, August 07, 2008

All you people out there, please call.

Dhanno goes through my cell phone and says: "The last message you sent someone was 2 days ago."

I say: "So?"

Dhanno says: "I suppose when you are old, you can't just send messages to people like 'Hey, how you doing?' "

I say: "Why not?"

Dhanno says: "People might think you have no work."

I say: "It's not that, really. It's just that I have no friends I want to send messages to like that, everyday."

Dhanno says: "I feel so sad."

I say: "You don't have to feel sorry for me, just because I don't have people to text messages to."

Dhanno says: "I am feeling sorry for myself. What if I don't have a daughter like me, when I grow old? What will I do?"

I say: "So you think my life is pretty sad without you?"

Dhanno says: "Don't you think so? You write about it like that on your blog. You know, Life's punches, and all that."

I say: "That happens to everyone. Things go wrong some times. Doesn't mean your life is sad."

Dhanno says: "Is that necessary?"

I say: "What?"

Dhanno says: "For things to go wrong?"

I say: "No, but they do. Sometimes. It's OK. It would be crazy if nothing went wrong ever, and I was as sweet at 43 as you are at 15."

So, now I know I am old, friendless and pathetic.


Unmana said...

14 out of my last 15 text messages were to the Guy. The 15th was 10 days ago.

I beat you on friendless and pathetic.

Space Bar said...

Tell her you blog instead of sending stupid text messages to people. And show her the comments you get, and then say Ha! Like that.

(that said, you should - all of us should - give thanks to our kids for providing us with so much fodder. we could never think up such bizarre conversations as happen with our kids, i tell you.)

Mira's mom said...


SUR NOTES said...

tell her your grammer and spellings are too good to be wasted on sms talk. you need to communicate in full sentences...

and ps email me your number. i have lost 80% of my numbers!

and by the way, first thing after reading your post, i beamed broadly and cast furtive glances to see what my to-be-three year old would challenge me with next.

Anonymous said...

Tell her you know someone who has only sent two text messages in HER WHOLE LIFE, and each of them was only three words long.

dipali said...

Parents as perceived by their kids: not at all good for parental morale.
My teenager thinks both his Dad and I are kind of weird.
Sympathies, Banno, from one in a similar boat:)

Unknown said...

Everyone's telling me "oh what a wonderful age your daughter is at ... enjoy these years." They say it in a really wistful or heartfelt tone! And I guess it is true that at the moment the world starts with mama - and papa ... and then extends to all the rest. Looks like there are interesting times ahead (reasonably far ahead I guess!)(Even though when I wear my most comfy Tshirt there's no hesitation in letting me know that it's "shabby" - think I mentioned that to you before?)
But on a more serious note it's nice to see the friendship that you and Dhanno have. It seems that our generation seems to have nice friendships with their kids - less of a generation gap maybe?

neha vish said...

Almost all my messages are to the husband. Poof.

Space Bar said...

Kuntal: 'Shabby'? Really?! Wow! That's a precocious kid there!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

omg- I just realized im in the pathetic boat too! But that must be ok, since there appear to be quite a few of us here- so we can just send blog comments to each other :D

Pragya said...

I cringe at what she might say if she saw my phone...last text message was maybe two years ago!

A glimpse into the future for me...mine is at grandma's and was chatting with me on gtalk...her first foray into the world of chat. The texting days aren't far! :)

Banno said...

Well, at least I don't feel so bad any more. We can all go down together as weird, outdated, shabby, hopelessly lost creatures.

But all you guys with little ones, yes, they are really sweet when they are small. I loved it when Dhanno was 3 and 4, it's amazing to be part of that discovery of new concepts with them. But I love it now too, when she's all sharp and bright and out with her claws.


Anonymous said...

If this is any solace.. I am not married.. I have 1 friend in the place i stay in.. the last message i sent out was a week back (am on an experiment trying to get rid of the silly mobile anyway)..

Yeah - I get all the tags, don't i? Lets have a 'who is more pathetic / friendless' competition.. I should win - fair & square!!! :-D

But, here's something I live for.. dreams.. silent moments with myself.. kids i work with.. the cause i work for.. my life.. :-D

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