Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bashed by the sea

Pictures by Dhanno

The sea at Baga is clean, very clean. You feel cleansed and bleached by the salt and the sea. But the sand falls off the minute you are dry, doesn't stick to you in an oily, annoying way.

The sea batters you, slaps you, throws you, gets into your ears, your eyes, your mouth, but what fun it is! Real, unadulterated fun that we had only when we were kids.

The sparkly glow lasts for a couple of days in Mumbai, like some shimmer left on your cheek bones. But actually, the minute you get back to the city, you are aboard this heaving, shunting, throwing tumultous thing that is Mumbai and adult life in general, and it's not fun.

I prefer being bashed up by the sea.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

sweet and stolen

The road from Sawantwadi to Kolhapur is bad, difficult to believe it's a highway. You can't travel faster than 40 kms a hour, that too, if you are lucky. But the bad road is more than compensated for by the beautiful landscape. Rugged hills, green forests, lush fields of sugarcane.

Though we were running late, with no indication of the end in sight, we stopped to steal some sugarcane. Well, Teja did. I was content to hide behind the car and eat the spoils. Dhanno was scandalized by her parents, and quite doubtful whether she should eat her first stolen fruit.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Lilkee in Beta

Now that I'm ready for the brickbats (and the bouquets), I set up a new blog for "Lilkee". The beta version of Blogger is great fun, really, and I'm hoping that I can convert all my blogs soon to beta. Meanwhile, check out my Lilkee blog. Right now, it's only old wine in a new bottle. But ofcourse, I'll post new stuff.

banno at wordpress

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