Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bashed by the sea

Pictures by Dhanno

The sea at Baga is clean, very clean. You feel cleansed and bleached by the salt and the sea. But the sand falls off the minute you are dry, doesn't stick to you in an oily, annoying way.

The sea batters you, slaps you, throws you, gets into your ears, your eyes, your mouth, but what fun it is! Real, unadulterated fun that we had only when we were kids.

The sparkly glow lasts for a couple of days in Mumbai, like some shimmer left on your cheek bones. But actually, the minute you get back to the city, you are aboard this heaving, shunting, throwing tumultous thing that is Mumbai and adult life in general, and it's not fun.

I prefer being bashed up by the sea.


Space Bar said...

what lovely pictures!

i want to be in goa!!!

Anonymous said...

i remember how u were bashed up by the sea
u were looking so innocent on the beach
that u wouldnt know what hit u
it was really a lot of fun
but next time v go
remember to turn ur back n close ur mouth when the wave comes near

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