Wednesday, November 08, 2006

sweet and stolen

The road from Sawantwadi to Kolhapur is bad, difficult to believe it's a highway. You can't travel faster than 40 kms a hour, that too, if you are lucky. But the bad road is more than compensated for by the beautiful landscape. Rugged hills, green forests, lush fields of sugarcane.

Though we were running late, with no indication of the end in sight, we stopped to steal some sugarcane. Well, Teja did. I was content to hide behind the car and eat the spoils. Dhanno was scandalized by her parents, and quite doubtful whether she should eat her first stolen fruit.


Space Bar said...

omg! aiman looks just like you!!!! and isn't sugarcane fun? these days, the juicy ones are all diced and put in packets in supermarkets, and the full ones are dry as sawdust.

anshuman kishore said...

I think all kids should be initiated into such practices. ganna and aam is anyway meant to be stolen. The theif has just must right over it as does the farmer. ye to jag kalyan ki baat hai.

Anonymous said...

hey mom
i was not scared ok
that was because u woke me up from my sleep
n told me to come out in the sun
to eat a fruit which i couldnt even eat
but i think i have learnt now

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