Saturday, August 23, 2008

I know what I did last week

Was thrown over the edge of the world wide web by my internet service provider. A terrible week when I realized that I simply needed to blog everyday, compared to my average of two blogs a week in a good week.

Around 50 calls to the call centre, service centre and even the head office. Each call picked up by a different person. Explaining the case history each time. And getting a similar response from each person. 2 minutes, 2 hours, by noon, by evening, first thing tomorrow morning.

Someone finally realized 2 days ago that there was a problem with the modem. I've been given a temporary demo modem this evening which works ever so slowly. No fun at all.

Right now, I have a house full of kids. Dhanno's 15th birthday party. 23 kids. I've cooked biryani - chicken and vegetable for around 50 people I think.

So will post in more detail next week. If I'm not thrown off again. And we've washed all the dishes.


Anonymous said...

I would even help with the dishes if I could only have some biryani...

Your service provider sounds very like MY service provider, which is to say, not very service-oriented when not providing!

Space Bar said...

:D i know the feeling! and happy birthday, dhanno! (it's been 15 years?! wtf!)

Anonymous said...

You cooked for fifty people? You a superwoman or what?
I find it so damn hard to cook for three of us sometimes. Whats your secret?

dipali said...

Wow, Banno! Food for fifty- impressive. Hope Dhanno had a lovely birthday and has a wonderful year ahead. Do write a bout the b'day, service provider and modem willing:)


Hi! Looks like you survived the ordeal!
How did the party go ? Missed you at the meet.


Banno said...

Memsaab, I promise to cook you some biryani when you come to Bumm-Bumm-Bhole-land. And no, you won't have to wash the dishes.

Space Bar, it's really wtf sometimes. It can be terrifying to have a 15 year old. Daughter.

Grasshopper, when I was 15 (wtf) and did an aptitude test in school, I was told I would be very successful if I went into the food industry. Of course, I didn't listen. And look what happened.

Dipali, I made the biryani for the first time. And the kids loved it. So did Rolu, Polu, Golu and Mummy who came from Pune to taste it. Teja of course wished it was spicier and saltier.

Suniti, Yes, still living. I missed all of you too. Hope to see you next month. Love.

SUR NOTES said...

arrey where did my comment go!!!

you should have just given me a shout and the three of us would have trooped in to wash the dishes and taste the remaining biryani.

and happy birthday dhanno aka diamond.

and we have the same internet provider. they have gicen crappy old modems. and it is necessary to burst a blood vessel or two before the connection is back. good luck.

Banno said...

Hey Sur,I'll cook you some special, biryani. And no dish washing. Promise.

Yes, I think I have damaged some nerves permanently. And even now, things are not fine completely.

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