Monday, February 23, 2009


Delhi-6 wallpaper courtesy Upperstall 
Read my review of the film on their site here


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karrvakarela said...

My grandparents immigrated from Delhi, or Dehli as they like to call it, and I guess I went into this film trying to pry out a sense of what life would have been like for them, or me, in their neighbourhood. In retrospect it wasn't a particularly smart thing to do but I did come away from the film caring for its characters. I wanted to know more about Dadi and Rama bua, about Mamdu and Jalebi.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching this and your review captures all the good and bad points. The supporting cast may be stereotypes but they are pretty believable and its their presence that gives that authentic Delhi-mohalla atmosphere. I too, felt that in drawing the bigger picture, Bittu and Roshan's story gets terribly neglected. The end though, could have been done better. The sudden about-face of the hostile crowd was jarringly inconsistent with the flow of the tale. But what really bothered me was the recurring theme that because everybody is "good at heart" their awful actions are excusable. "Dil ke achhe" does NOT excuse bigotry and violence in my book!

Anonymous said...


Yes 'Dehli'. I take it even Ghalib called it that. Could anyone explain why the name changed to Dilli? Is Delhi a take off from Dehli or Dilli?


Yes, I liked the movie too although opinion among the people I know is sharply divided.

Mehra does have a problem getting his plot moving once he gets into something. The movie he could have done with a bit of subtlety in the depiction of Purani Dilli and, as you've mentioned, the monkey man.

Banno said...

Karrvakarela, Yes, that's what I missed the most. I thought that the same ideas of harmony could have been told even through the characters in a story affecting them more directly rather than a nebulous monkey man. But hey, it's not my film.

Bollyviewer, exactly. I just found that 'dil ke achche' line patronizing, as if the natives were simple, innocent folk who get up to mischief every now and then.

Hades, I agree. It began well, but..

Pitu said...

This movie was utter drivel.

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