Thursday, February 19, 2009

hips never lie

So, the other day, I had a hip into a man's face. Then, a hand up a man's thigh. A couple of hand brushings. A pat on a man's head. I'm like a terrified bird in crowded public spaces. Arms and legs flapping, and going god-knows-where. Any wonder then that I prefer to stay at home?

Later, in the train, a gentle lady next to me explained patiently to all contenders coveting the 4th seat, "We all have hips". Since the 4th lady too usually had hips herself, she didn't grumble, or try to squeeze in nevertheless, as a younger girl with no hips may have.

B, 1993, Charcoal drawing by Teja
For more adventures in the local train, read 'the grasshopper in a local train' on my blog at Upperstall.


ruSh.Me said...

Men, on the other hand, can squeeze into diminishing spaces effortless.. but they won't..because of their LARGER-THAN-HIPS EGO!!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

This brings back funny/scary memories- I'd enter the Bombay trains and the Delhi buses elbows out and w/ high heels on- so that I could nudge and stomp (on creepy men's feet) to my destination :D

Satyajit said...

My first experience, floating was at Kurla station, 7pm getting into a train heading for Thane.

No one ever put it across that way though...."We all have hips". I wonder what I would have come up with.....

dipali said...

You bet we do!
(Have hips)
Your header is stunning!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things about working at home is NOT having to squeeze into a crowded train and merge into the large amorphous blob of human parts.

Lovely story at Upperstall too :)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I just have a butt.

Anonymous said...

Butt, ofcourse! ;)

My experience in crowded DTC buses in Delhi is far far worse :(

Amazingly, while various body parts rubbed and 'teased' very often I would find a strange thing happening spontaneously - my open palm would connect loudly and hard against the cheek of some hip-guy and then the unwelcome male hips would magically melt away.

Wonder where that came from - that violent streak?!

Teja's charcoal is stunningly good! The eyes are riveted to the hip, as it were.


Teja sees women like Reubens did :)
All curves :D
Nice note, this was. One needs to travel on trains to understand how much space me need to just stand.

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