Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i'm gonna 2-time

Flabbergasted by my comment on my last post 'Copy Chris, Paste Ghajini' that I quite liked 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi',

My brother Rolu called me and said accusingly: "So you liked 'Rab ne'?"

I hemmed and hawed and defended myself sheepishly: "Well, you know, we saw it on New Year's day, and it was sort of just right for an evening after a hangover, quiet and simple."

He said: "It was worse than 'Ghajini'."

I said: "No, 'Ghajini' was so violent. 'Rab ne' was not."

And Surinder Suri in his polyster checked shirts and polyster pants, with the goodness of a loving provider, reminded me of my father, and of course, I am a sucker for anyone who reminds me of my father, and I cried and cried lots.

And I knew that Taani would choose Suri, rather than Raj, as any girl with any sense would,

and I loved that moment between Bobby and Suri, when they are drinking and Bobby passes out, and Suri says wistfully, 'We were having so much fun'.

What to do? It really didn't matter to me that Suri was rather idiotic in his attempts to woo Taani with a lame makeover, because we are allowed to do idiotic things when we are in love,

and Hindi films are full of idiotic disguises anyway, which are such great fun.

And I just like SRK better than AK.

Rolu said: "Well then, we can ask Teja-bhai to shave off his mustache, and you can start having an affair with him."

Not a bad idea that.


Anonymous said...

Yup, this film made me realllly stretch my imagination, but despite all the silliness and the predictability, at least it wasn't violent. I rather like golgappas too... and love stories that end happily, not with one of the pair being stupid enough to not close a door or switch off a cell phone.

Happy farfetchedness wins!

Manjushree Abhinav said...

Agree wholeheartedly, even though I haven't seen Ghajini.

And yes, which married woman wouldn't want to have an affair, be wooed, and why not by hubby himself, the safest man on earth.

I love Shah Rukh too, by the way.

Scribblers Inc said...

you like WHAT?

Scribblers Inc.

dipali said...

It was a happy fillum which hubby and I both enjoyed despite much silliness. Came out of the hall happy, which was not the case with the big bad G-movie!

Unknown said...

Give me SRK any day . Yes I just might go see this

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Oh dear.
You did like it.




Anonymous said...

If SRK were in Ghajini, I might even watch THAT.

Thank goodness he isn't.

Anonymous said...

Havent seen either movie, but just based on their reviews and Aamir's scary look - I'll go for RBNDJ any day!

anja said...

Loved Rab ne for the same reasons Batul. I loved the beginning of the film ALOT. It was so easy..and smooth. I totally bought it all. Who wouldn't love such a shareef banda. I liked the idealism of the film, cal lme a sucker, it had the same qualities as DDLJ in that sense..not until your father says yes..no matter what. I did get a tad irritated with Bobby at some points but took it all for my fave SRK..I love him. He's just a good man, the way he treats everyone with such humility and love is a very endearing quality..good soul. I haven't seen Ghajini and most likely won't be able to..its too violent to take the bacchaa anyway..loved your review of it, poor Chris bhai ; )

parotechnics said...

Yes! Dil mein mere hai dard-e-disco for SRK.

And still flying the boycott Ghajini flag high!

Banno said...

YAY to all SRK fans, and suckers for sweet, sentimental nonsensical idealism!

Anonymous said...

I liked it too for same silly, sentimental reasons. Plus I adore SRK.

Anonymous said...

U r excused... for the reasons u have given, I know how much u drank on 31st night,,... and in an acute state of hangover u liked the film... no problem...I understand, even I love srk... but cldn't tolerate his pout ... and the film..

Tazeen said...

you seriously cannot think that SRK is better looking, puhleaseeeeee

Ashley said...

Sadly, I have not seen it yet. I really, really want to. I love SRK the most!!!! :)

Banno said...

Yay, Anindita.

Pu, thanks for your tolerance. :-)

Tazeen, it was never about looks. If that is so, then who could beat Salman Khan?

Ashley, :-)

Space Bar said...

Btw, haven't said how much i love the new labels for your blogroll.

(do you really read all of them or are you doing all of us a favour so we can just not open bloglines once it's tipped over into some unpronounceable number of unread posts?)

Banno said...

Space Bar, great, I'm glad you got it. Dhanno just dismissed all the labels this morning, saying they wouldn't make any sense to any one. Ha.

I do try and read most. Some I just like to keep for days when my favs don't blog.

Anonymous said...


Just spent a LOT of time going thru your blogroll. Loved the idea of tagging them to songs.

I seem to get to comments from you regularly, so I'm kinda thrilled! :)

dipali said...

Your blogroll is too cute!

SUR NOTES said...

my mother will love you for this and the last review. She has watched RNBDJ twice and wants to watch it a third time with me. She is ridiculous SRK fan (and my dad cant stand him). And after Ghajini she is a fanatic AK hater.

By the way your two reviews have spurned me to go and watch both films- I think i am going to have fun!

Banno said...

Shankari, Thanks. I like the way you write. And always look forward to your posts.

Dipali, thank you.

Sur, Wow. I'd really love it if you passed on these links to your mother. I've just read stories about her on your blog, and she sounds like an amazing woman. Yes, do go see the films. Both promise fun, for sure.

Banno said...

Pu emailed me to say:

Hey Banno, I just left a quick note on ur comment box in ur blog on Rab ne , so I thought I might as well write to u at length.But u can't be serious.. did u really cry watching that.. what were u thinkin? Ya I know ,u wrote..

I want to tell u why I did't like it... it's not about Suri.. it's Raaj...

I like SRK as millions out there .... well that is of course as he has
something, some charm in his personality may be ... but about Rab
ne... it isn't about him... it's about the movie... the girl to top
all... agreed people do stupid things in love... but the girl wasn't
in love .. and Suri disguised as Raj.. didn't do any.... why would the
girl fall in love with such a repulsive character in the first place,
and agree to ELOPE with him...? the girl also showed her disgust in
the beginning, but once the lights of the city go off and on
.....whooo!! she is in love.... Am also not considering the fact that
very conveniently Suri's friend recognises him in Raj's get up and the
girl doesn't.. forget it.. See... I had a very dear friend who was a
wacko, doing all weird thing... to the extent of wearing red jeans...
and yellow t shirt ... Kolkata is not Mumbai and in 90s things looked
ridiculous... still his friends,us...we loved his wackiness ...but we
knew him so well... but there was no build up to love Raj..for the
audience Raaj was Suri.. so it didn't matter.. but I was watching
through Taani's eyes... for me Suri and Raaj were different people...
I couldn't like Raaj... for me Suri was considerate... well
mannered... boring may be but responsible.. and took care of Taani
well..She just asked for money once for her dance class and he gave
her immediately. What did Raaj do..? switch off on?................
well whatever...

Didn't like SRK's pout as well...

this is some never ending topic...
I want to watch Memento.. still haven't seen ghajani.....

And I wrote back:

Yes, I know what you say is right. Sometimes you just like films, because you are in the right mood for them. And you are not analyzing. I agree, that Raj is totally idiotic, and one can see no reason to engage with him. In fact, he is utterly forgettable. But he is Suri's idea of what Taani may like. And for a brief moment, maybe Taani gets carried away. Like any of us may do. Get excited with the thought of a man she chooses, and not one who circumstances have forced her into marrying. It's just that thought, until you realize that no, it cannot be enough. And she realizes that too.

Also, didn't you love Taani's Dhoom fight on the motorbike? I also liked the fact that Taani's character was given no justification, Suri didn't expect her to feel repentant about the fact that she fell in love with someone else, etc.

Yes, that SRK pursing his lips was a bit too much. Yet, I know people who do make facial gestures like that, specially as they grow older.

Are you seriously going to go and watch 'Ghajini'?

Anonymous said...

Am not a Shah Rukh fan but I like rom com movies with a happy ending.

Which is why I didn't get bored watching "Rab Ne" -- it had its moments.

It would have been more realistic if they had changed the plot a bit (maybe get a separate actor to play Raj) -- I just can't get over the fact Taani couldn't recognise Suri in his new avatar.

But otherwise a nice feel-good movie.

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