Sunday, April 08, 2007

For me, "Namesake" was about Irfan. Though he is barely 4-5 years older than me, he reminded me so much of my father. He had the same sad and loving look that a lot of fathers have, someone who has worked hard to provide for the family, someone who loves them, someone who has a hundred things to say to his children but somehow, can't. Of course, I cried buckets and buckets.

And for me the longing of the immigrant, was in the landscape shots. When you cut from Calcutta to the US, and back again, you don't even need to see Tabu's face, to know how much of an alien she feels, a creature taken out of its natural habitat. It's physical, the loneliness, the alienation.

The next day, I saw "Pursuit of Happyness" and cried again. I did want to see an out-and-out comedy after that. Not the romantic comedies that Hollywood makes nowadays, which are mostly vacuous fluff.

Saw "Bullets over Broadway" yesterday. It's Woody Allen doing what he does best, making fun of artistic pretensions, the artist. Of course, the hoodlum's girlfriend's bodyguard is a better writer than the protagonist - he knows more about life, death, sex, love. In the end, though, the hero gets the girl, and goes back to a happy, middle class life, and all's well. I did need that unadulterated dose of laughter. No tears.

And staying with Woody Allen, saw "Interiors" a couple of days ago. I found it tedious. I know it's his homage to Bergman, and it's well done, but I'd rather Bergman had done it. That's how directors get typecast by their audience. Please do what I want you to do, what makes me like you. Please don't try anything new.


Space Bar said...

ah...a tummy full of films, i see. still haven't got around to seeing namesake...wasn't irfan in your diploma? or am i getting mixed up?

hate to be the one to pick at nits, coz i know it's a typo, but it is 'bullets over broadway.

Mukul said...

hai! what lovely films u have been watching!

Anonymous said...

I am FINALLY going to see Namesake in my town!! Rarely does any desi film...let alone a film like Namesake comes to my "hicksville" town...hahaha...I'm excited!

dipali said...

I liked the normalness projected by the characters in Namesake.
(No, normalcy doesn't mean what I'm trying to express!)
And Irfan has been terrific in most of his films. Did you see him in Life in a Metro?

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