Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That's what it's come to, folks.

There we were, sauntering along, hand in hand, on our way to 'The Proposal'. We met a schoolmate of Dhanno's, exchanged 'hi's' and 'hello's' and carried on.

Dhanno said: "My friends always say, that we saw your mom and you walking around, hand in hand."

I said: "Oh!"

Dhanno said: "Yeah, they tease me, do you still need your mom to hold your hand to help you cross the road?"

I laughed.

Dhanno said: "I tell them, no, my mom needs to hold my hand to help her cross the road."

True enough.


Space Bar said...


I remember the day before my wedding, my dad and I crossing the road after picking up something from a tailor or someone. His finger came out to me automatically like it used to when I was five. I hid my smile and took it and we crossed the road.

Anonymous said...

:) smart dhanno

Anonymous said...

Sho cute! Smart little girl :-)

@Spacebar: That was so sweet!

Violet said...

OMG! That was clever :)

dustedoff said...

Heh, that's cute! You have a very smart kid, there. :-)

(My verification word below is "hussi". Ahem.)

Banno said...

I remember at the Institute, Abhi of the virginal mustache used to help me cross the road to fetch Dhanno and her crib, from Mrs. Mathew's house. I'm hopeless on my own.

Space Bar, kids are so kind to their parents.

Thanks, all ye others. But I'm hoping Dhanno doesn't read all your comments. She'll get a bigger head than she has already.

Dustedoff, if it's any consolation, mine is unbowly. Whatever that means, it sounds a bit shady.

anja said...

love your smart, thoughtful daughter

memsaab said...

You have raised a good one, Banno. My mom still holds my hand too, because I tend to forget to look before I cross the road and she knows it.

Still, I survive without her most of the time :)

Banno said...

Anja, :)

Memsaab, in my case, wondering if I can survive without the daughter.

dipali said...

I used to hold my Dad's hand for years! Especially since we were mostly so uncuddly in the bad old days.
Smart girl, Dhanno:)

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