Wednesday, July 22, 2009

gutter water and ajinomoto

I said to Hasan & Husein: "Why do you swim in the canal? The water is filthy."

Hasan said: "We find good stuff here. A plate, or a bowl. Sometimes a metal pipe. We can sell it for 100-200 rupees."

I said: "What do you do with the money?"

Hasan said: "We give it to our mother."

Husein said: "We play dhab."

Hasan said: "We hire a cycle to ride around."

Husein said: "I spend it on Chinese food. I like to eat fried rice everyday."

I said: "But don't you fall ill in that gutter water?"

Husein said: "No, we like it in there. I like being in the water all the time."

Hasan said: "We go and wash up with clean water at the Pump. We wash our clothes too."

Husein said: "Yes, we wash our own clothes."

* Dhab - A gambling game


gypsy said...

fith for some , living for others

ajnabi said...

How old are they? They sound like the little kids I talked to in Peru. :-)

dipali said...

Whew. There is still so much joy:)

Banno said...

d gypsy, yes. I'm afraid I was always terrified near the canal, dead rats, muck, specially with the rains.

ajnabi, they are 12, twins.

dipali, yes, they are cheeky brats, full of all kinds of plans for the day.

blue sunride said...

The freedom of money? or its chains? does the pump water wash away the dirt that settles on their souls?

Unknown said...

It must be heartstopping for you to see them but for them its fun I guess .. or just a way to make monry

Banno said...

Blue sunride, my thoughts too. The "easy" access to money makes them blind to their future.

Eve's lungs, one feels helpless. It requires a lot of dedication (am not sure I have it) to pull them out of this lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad...but equally touched at they way kids can handle the toughest of situations with a 'one-step-at-a-time' attitude.

Tarun Goel said...

I couldn't understand what u were talkin about but now after reading the comments, i guess i do :)

Banno said...

writerzblock, this 'one-step-at-a-time' attitude in their parents too, as a result their future is a guaranteed mess.

Tarun, :)

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