Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what do bullet holes say?

Dhanno has her hair streaked purple to match her purple cell phone, both gifts for working incredibly hard all year, giving her Std. X exams.

Teja gets ready to board the 'Ladies Special' local train. No, he is not abandoning me, not just yet. Only prepping for a TV show.

I, meanwhile, try to make sense out of bullets.

Bakery Wall, opp Nariman House, Colaba
          Bakery Door, opp. Nariman House, Colaba
Lift door, 6th Floor, Cama Hospital, Azad Maidan
The bullet holes make pretty patterns, but no, they don't make sense at all. 


Anonymous said...

Bang on!! Bullets never make any sense! I like the way you hit on something without even putting it into words. Kudos!

Violet said...

Scary.. to say the least! And yes they never ever make sense. Good one.

Anonymous said...

It must mean SOMETHING! The recurrent theme for this day, it seems:

This morning the day started on a vile sick note watching the Ramesh Sharma's Final Solution with its shots (camera) of the well, then saw a friend's Flickr with vaguely familiar shots of the Jallianwala Bagh well and the Bullet holes there marked out for the patriotic tourist and now I see *This*!

Guess its one of my squirmy-uncomfortable-but-got-to admit-I am-Indian-but-have-to-do-a-lot- more-about-being-passively-Indian days!

dipali said...

You put it across so well, Banno, the senseless patterns that are now part of our lives .
Hope Dhanno enjoys all the purple in her life:)

SUR NOTES said...

these three quiet photographs are more disturbing and more evocative of the violence Bombay witnessed on 26/11 than the reams of photographs of blood and gore published all over. And little needs to be said how telling or evocative the 24/7 live coverage was.

Violet said...

You have been tagged :)

agent green glass said...

loved your blog. the bullet hole patterns are scary and like two people said before me, senseless.
i went to jallianwala bagh six months back. and the bullet holes there moved me to silence.
that's what they do. remind us of our mortality. remind us of the innocent. and remind us that we still don't learn.

Unknown said...

Good luck to Dhanno and her purple . Those pictures are a grim reminder .

Rumela said...

It wouldn't make sense, nor would it be possible to rapidly fire these bullets from powder or shells. I'm going out for a bit, but I'll try to do a little more research on it when I get back.

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