Sunday, April 12, 2009


I find the best way to work in the sun is to accept the heat and the sweat pouring down every inch of your body. Of course, it doesn't hurt if you can grab a few winks every now and then in a little bit of shade.

Western Express Highway, Santa Cruz, April 2009

Paper shredder unit, Colaba, April 2009 
Cats in an alley, Colaba, April 2009


bollyviewer said...

Lovely pictures. The one with the sleeping cats is super!

Try as I might, I never could accept the sweat in the heat. I used to bathe so often in summers that my father suggested I might want to move in the bathroom!

Unknown said...

banno its amazing how you've caught the torpor of the resting men in the first pic; I can smell the sweat and the papers ,feel the heat in the second one. But I love the 3rd pic !
I agree , once you've accepted the heat you've beaten it at its wily best .



memsaab said...

Catnaps are good no matter what the weather is like :)

Anonymous said...

parks are the best! go to any park in madras in the afternoon and you can see loads of (bare chested!!) men napping in the shade :)

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