Thursday, July 24, 2008

word count

I am doing 377.58 words a day.
When I should be doing 5000 words a day
By all accounts.
Or at least a 1000? (Me, desperate!)
But I write 479 words
And delete 122.42.
So my total word count divided
By number of days
Averages out to
fewer and fewer words a day.
That is
Not counting the 1000 odd words
Like these
That I needn't write
at all.


Anonymous said...

Oh, but you do need to write them. Otherwise, what would I do with my time?

Anonymous said...

No, Banno, lets not fall into this trap. Writing cannot be treated like an addiction: I need my fix, or I cant sleep well. Or, shuks, I haven't posted since four days, what is wrong with me?
Yes, it is a high, it should be enjoyed, but let us learn to live with life even when it doesn't happen.
And Memsaab, haven't you seen Banno's new style of blogroll? It sure takes care of my days.

Banno said...

Memsaab, See one more oldie-goldie surely. But thanks. :)

Grasshopper, It's not because writing is an addiction. Just the pressure of a deadline. Inescapable.

Isn't the new blogroll cool? Courtesy blogger.

neha vish said...

So so relate to this. I am currently supposed to do 850 words a day. :(

dipali said...

I love what you write! All else is your business:) Love the new header picture- zimbly gorgeous!

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