Friday, July 04, 2008

The Guide

Days when I am stuck
For words,
I read old books.
Books written 50 years ago
R K Narayan's 'Guide'
written in 1958.
It was a toss between
seeing the film
or reading the book.
Films made 43 years ago
comfort too.
Even if they veer wildly away
from the book.


dipali said...

So true. Though the movie pales before the book, it is still part of one's being:)
Some of the songs were sheer poetry.

dipali said...

PS: your header photo is superb!

Anonymous said...

I am conducting a creative writing course in which one of the topics is complaining about how filmmakers have ruined novels. I was just wondering which novels to talk about when I came across this lovely comforting poetry. Any more ideas, do write, or do blog.

Anonymous said...

R K Narayan is always a great comfort. Have you read his Swami stories? They are super and were made into a great TV series that doesnt veer wildly away from the story - very very comforting! (in case you are interested, the series is Malgudi Days and can be watched here)

Banno said...

Yes, totally agree, Dipali. Waheeda Rehman is unforgettable.

Grasshopper, I don't see how films can be made other than by taking liberties with the book. The one film I found far superior to the book was "The Namesake".

Bollyviewer, R K Narayan is one of my most favourite authors. We used to watch Malgudi Days when we were kids, and loved it. Yes, I agree they were good adaptations of the Swami stories.

Dr. Ally Critter said...

I want to hear those songs again.. and read the book- the best of both worlds

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