Monday, January 28, 2008

tatoo artist

Spent two glorious days book-collecting at the Strand sale. One of the pleasures of being gainfully employed is being able to buy as many books as one wants. Well no, "as many books as one wants" is always too many.

We discovered Norman Rockwell. Surprisingly, even Teja had not seen his work earlier. Dhanno loved the prints, and declared that she was not going to give them away (the way we usually do).

There's one print, the Tatoo Artist, that I would love to send to Saif Ali Khan. It's a tatooist adding a new girl's name to a list of crossed out names on a sailor's muscular arm. I don't know if Saif would appreciate the humor of this, it's a bit mean. He's fed up by now, I'm sure of the countless zoom in's to his arm. After two weeks of discussing Saif's tatoo, today the Mumbai Age had a full page article on how tatooing a lover's name shows signs of emotional instability. And yet another photo with the tatoo. The poor guy, is anyone looking at his beautiful face anymore?


Unknown said...

We used to show Meha this book of Normal Rockwell paintings. She used to enjoy it quite a bit ... "want to see Rocky". Haven't done it in months and now thanks to your post I'm going to sit down with the book again - will be interesting to see her reaction now, a few months later.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Wowza! Rockwell is inescapable here in mainstream America - he is in restaurants, doctors' offices, school hallways...bleh, too much.

As for me, I'd rather look at Saif's face.

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