Tuesday, October 16, 2007

high, hai

Ok, so Teja's chest pains were due to forcible breathing in and out, kapalbharti

I don't know enough about yoga to comment on this, but the cardiac surgeon said, kapalbharti was causing many incidents of muscular pain in the chest, which came through as cardiac scares.

Yoga should not really be done without a teacher, I think.

Isn't there enough bother in life, without bothering so much about the way we breathe too? What happened to 'as natural as breathing'.

Coincidentally, we were shooting with one of the top cardiac surgeons in Bangalore, and she said, the effect that deep breathing had was 'alcoholic' (Did she really say that, or was it another medical term? Do tell). It just made you feel high, and good for that moment, but your chest muscles are not meant for that much strain. So, of course you decide, what do you want, the muscular pain, or the brain high?

Well, Teja is going to give up that high, as well. Oh well.


SUR NOTES said...

poor teja. i bumped into paresh outside your buidling and he gave me the chest pain update- and i giggled ( out of relief that it was just badly done yoga and nothing else)...yes, ban the highs for sure!

Space Bar said...

ok...there are many more yoga related injuries now than ever before because the people who teach yoga (1) teach it as if it is aerobics and (2) don't know or haven't practised enough yoga themselves.

Kapalabhati should not give Teja chest pains unless that's all he's been doing. You're right - yoga needs a teacher, and he shouldn't stop doing yoga. Only do it under supervision.

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