Monday, October 15, 2007

and this too.....

There are times in your life when everything seems to unravel.

Your parent falls sick, you get mugged, your daughter has big-time teenage problems,

you lose your favourite earrings, your spouse complains of chest pains,

your parent has to be hospitalized, your brother is angry with you because you are not there to share the responsibility,

your parent develops complications, someone you care about lose their roadside garage and have to be relocated,

someone you care about needs help and money to keep a good cause going,

All this while you are shooting, travelling, taking care of other things, because that is your job.

The tongue in the cheek doesn't quite work then.

You just silently plod on.

And wonder what is in store for you next.

And hold yourself in.

And know that this too shall pass.

While you look at those million others scattered all over the country, who are worse off than you, and yet so generous and warm, and for whom the bad times may never pass.

And the tongue in the cheek doesn't quite work even then.


SUR NOTES said...

oh dear, hang in there...all will be well soon...anything i can do in t-village? please let me know.

the mad momma said...

read the post above and then came back to this... am so glad his chest pains were just badly executed yoga... hope dhann's teen aches are better. nothing hurts quite so badly.. ever... does it?!

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