Thursday, June 07, 2007

The summer holidays are over

Very hot. But stomach-full of mangoes, and stomach-full of sleep, specially in the cool green-blue room.

Last night, I told Dhanno, "Your face has become quite round, like when you were a baby. Why don't you not go to school, stay home, and become nice and fat?" She said, "Hmm, this I must tell my friends. My mom wants me to stay home and become fa-at." I sighed, "Yes, but, you were so lovely then, so round, round, no?"

I'm always thinking of reasons why Dhanno should not go to school. And what's better than a break on the first day of term, itself?

But Dhanno, being more sensible than me, woke up today much before I did, and trotted off to Std. IX C


mfm157 said...

Hi Banno, Thanks for reading and commenting. It helps to know that someone has read and understood what you write. I guess you are right, perhaps he does not deserve me (but isn't that what people say to make themselves feel better about a sucky situation?hhhmm)It hurts to know that people have prejudice against you because of your religion or nationality. Why can't people look past all that..sigh...?

the mad momma said...

you are worse than my mother. she would keep calling me up on the intercom in between my class X boards to coax me to watch a magic show on tv or go out and have ice cream with her.. your little girl is very lucky

Banno said...

Miha, What's wrong with wanting to make yourself feel better? Things are bad enough without you adding to your own burden of sorrow.

Mad Momma, since I spent my Class X board exams dragging my mother to a film every other day, I've enough experience in school and exam time discipline. By the way, have been reading you for a while now, and therefore glad to have you here.

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