Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a cup of tea

Since Teja is away foraging for food, and I'm left in charge of home and hearth, I promptly curl up with a book. Dhanno is at school, Teja is not around demanding lauki juice, and I have enough food to last Dhanno and me through the day, so I ask Tai to go back home. I emerge only when Dhanno does.

She thwarts all my attempts to get her to make my tea by looking through me stonily. I don't assert a mother's rights as I usually do, by stamping my foot, because Dhanno's shoulders are hurting with all the education she is getting.

As I boil the water, to make my own cup of tea, I miss Teja for the first time, in the day. But I don't call him immediately, for a glance at the clock, will tell him what it is all about. 4.30 pm, time for afternoon tea.


SUR NOTES said...

i rued the day my mom taught me to make tea. you are a good mother, making your own tea, my mother used devious, bad emotional blackmailing tactics to get me to make tea.

come over for tea next time you dont feel like making it. or if you are, give me a shout, i hate making a cup for myself.

and poor teja.

Banno said...

Good idea. I usually do all the bad emotional blackmail bit too. But just felt guilty because I'd been lying around all day with a book, and she came in carrying this 20 kilo schoolbag.

Space Bar said...

have you always had comments as pop up? don't remember it that way...why?!

me, i'm a nice southie kaapi types.

and teja wants lauki juice?! (i love lauki, but not raw and juiced). what's the matter with him?!

Banno said...

space bar, No, didn't have it popping up earlier, changed the setting.

can't make kaapi.

as for Teja, he follows health dictums!

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