Tuesday, February 02, 2010


After hearing that Salman Khan was blasting all those critics who blasted 'Veer', Teja is seriously waiting for him to react to my review of 'Veer' in Tehelka.

He's been going to the gym lately, and would love a fight. But Salman Khan is

So, no, I rather he stayed far away from Teja.

In my defense, I did end my review with a line about his fabulous screen presence, and stardom. Not my fault it was edited out.

Dhanno refuses to be implicated in any of this.


dipali said...

I think I would have stayed away from Veer anyway after seeing that photograph! Dhanno is wise!

ajnabi said...

Yeah, Salman's looking like a man on the edge there. I think personally he should've stuck to blaming his brother for his box-office failures. ;-)

Manjushree Abhinav said...

Ha Ha Ha!

memsaab said...

Excellent review Banno as always.

Salman would see you and melt, and forgive you instantly :)

bollyviewer said...

Salman should realise that anybody who survived watching his film to write that hilarious review, is virtually indestructible... :-D

Migi Mega Entertainment said...

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