Monday, October 26, 2009

candy floss, anyone?

So I'm going to be traipsing the streets of Bumm-Bumm-Bhole-Land again for a fortnight, going darker and darker in the white glaring heat of October. Thought I'd leave you with a few photos by Dhanno, taken at Juhu beach, a couple of weeks ago.

The header photo is by her, as well.


Violet said...

Love the header pic! Chip off the old block :)

dipali said...

Lovely photographs!

memsaab said...

Such talented people, all three of you are.

I wish I were there :(

Banno said...

Violet, I wish. You won't believe this, but I took years to get comfortable with a camera. Dhanno took one in her hands as if it rightfully belonged to her.

Thanks, Dipali.

Memsaab, :) wish you were here too.

blue sunride said...

loved this one! as all the others before...Apart from the content on your blog, even the header is a treat.

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