Wednesday, December 24, 2008

hardworking kids, lazy mom

Dhanno said yesterday: "After my Board exams, I'm going to take Time and put It in the mixie, and grind It, and take It out and throw It on the floor, then mop It up, and throw the mop in the dustbin. I'm going to waste and waste Time."

Her friend Shy said : "We'll just sit at the window and not even talk to each other, that is how much Time we will waste."

Poor kids, studying hard for their Std. X exams.

I meanwhile, continue to waste Time, gadding about unabashedly.

That is factually incorrect, the gadding about and the being unabashed. But I did so want to use those words.


a ppcc representative said...

Sometimes Time and I have stand-offs but then it just dishooms me in the face.

And butt.

Hence why I feel like I should be in the gym right now.

Scribblers Inc said...

gad...that was timely...

oh shait...did I get a typo in there?

Scribblers Inc.

Mizohican said...

My 10th std exam days, we were frustrated about a lot of things like no games, late nights, tensions, etc but I dont think we hated Time that much.


Toonfactory said...

Hahahaha reminded me of my Class 10th Board Exams (though I read more comics than text books even while the exams were going on).... But yup only thing that kept us going was thinking of the time that we would waste after the exams are over..

Thanks for the visit and lovely comment.

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year

dipali said...

Banno, oh for some time to waste(:
Can't find any 'fursat' anymore.
Poor bored-of-board-year kids. Many sympathies.

Anonymous said...

I'm wasting time almost every second that there is! There's nothing finer. I wish Dhanno and friends lots of joy when they are able to :-)

Wasted time leads to wasted lives, but really we can't ALL be useful. Or useful people would have nothing to brag about.

Banno said...

a ppcc representative, I always feel I should be in the gym. That doesn't help at all, as I never go. :-)

Scribblers Inc., time please.

Illusionaire, these are seriously committed kids. Don't know how they turned out this way.

Toonfactory, we stayed up late at night to study too, but I usually saw films in the day. So I did enough time wasting even then.

Dipali, poor you, all of us need loads of 'fursat' to keep going.

Memsaab, exactly, I couldn't be useful even if I tried. Not that I ever do. :-)

Unknown said...

In my book a "Mani Kaul Evening" followed by dinner with friends certainly qualifies as gadding about (and thankfully nothing more!) More power to glad gadders.

Dhanno clearly has grown up in a film family - freaky metaphors and that too about ... TIME!! Oooooh ... TIME! TIME!

(Sorry, we've had sleepless nights all this week with Meha's cough at night and today I'm really feeling the effects!)

Tazeen said...


i so get it, the urge to use a certain word. I have written many a blog posts to use a word or two.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, the memories this dredges up -- sitting by the window in my grandma's bedroom and watching the rest of the family go merrily out of town for my sister's wedding while I solved Math problems. :( Tell her to give it an extra kick or two from me.

Banno said...

Kuntal, why 'thankfully nothing more!'? Comes from your assisting days, I think.

Dhanno, fully filmi.

No worries, we still have sleepless nights with Dhanno, even if it is not over coughs. :-)

Tazeen, that's the fun, right?

Amrita, sure, will pass on the message. But poor you, missing your sister's wedding, that was a bit much.

Unknown said...

Actually I was remembering the days at FTII and soon after when some of us (probably excluding you though) took the whole art thing much too seriously! It's nice to appreciate Mani's work - I really think he creates an original world true to its internal logic and that's quite something - but without the burden of taking it as seriously as before.

Btw, I still haven't given up on getting together sometime!

Banno said...

Oh yes, Kuntal, I was always seriously un-intellectual. And didn't understand half of what happened around me at FTII. And don't even now. But it's always good to keep trying.

Yes, do let's. We did another round of town last week, but had guests with us. But next time, for sure, if N, M and you are free.

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