Saturday, October 18, 2008


The other day, at the fag-end of a party, with only 8 or 10 of us still around at 3 in the morning, conversation turned from Vipassana, meditation and prayer to corpses and ghosts. Don't ask me how.

Our hostess who lives alone, was a bit annoyed. We made a second start. Talk of food and recipes slid quickly down to corpses and cannibalism. Play-school level lavatory jokes too went the same way.

The men at 4 am were quite willing to leave our gentle hostess with the stench of decaying flesh and go off. They were drunk enough to fall off to sleep the minute they reached home.

But I know well how horror strikes in the early hours of the morning. I insisted we talk some more, of nicer things before we left. This time we tried films, and everyone sobered down, recalled to their professional selves.

Though we left behind a mass of dishes, dirty glasses and cigarette butts when we did say our goodbyes, I'm pretty sure we didn't leave any ghosts behind, thanks to  the Magic of The Movies.


Anonymous said...

was ur gentle hostess raju the kaju?
You should have scared her, yaar.

I loved scaring her when we were little. I would slap her, and then say, 'that was not me. Someone else
comes into my body to take revenge on you.'She bought it for two weeks, then she stopped listening to all my stories.

Anonymous said...

You are a good friend, Banno :-)

Banno said...

Grasshopper, you were really mean. Yes, it was her. And Sur sent me a SMS after reading your comment. And asked me the same question. Poor Raju, having you as an elder sister, one frightening experience, hey?

Memsaab, thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Movies to dispel the ghosts! Now thats one good use of movies that had never occurred to me. :-)

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