Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The paint companies have enticing names for their shades. not that i need to be enticed. I can go berserk with colors.

The painters said gujaratis go for whites, creams, bohri muslims like darker, more gaudy colors. Of course, they did not know I was a bohri muslim.

Teja, amused, listened to these comments 3-4 times. The 5th time, I said, well, he is a gujarati and I am a bohri muslim, so what color do you suggest we paint our bedroom? They were suitably embarrassed. though they are not sure whether we are teasing them.

I don't look like a bohri muslim to them. anyway, in defiance, I decide to get our bedroom painted an emerald green. Berger paints calls it "foliage". After the first coat, we are all reeling, frankly. I wonder if I should accept defeat.

The next morning, Teja says, let's go ahead. otherwise, we'll wonder all our lives whether or not we could have lived with the green. We can always change after six months.

The painters come back the next morning, sure that we'll have changed our minds. But they politely agree when we say, we'll stick to our decision.

So, any of you who do land up home, in the near future, please be sure to admire the "foliage".


mfm157 said...

Thanks for your lovely comment :)
I often wonder, do colors around you really affect you? If I paint my living room maroon, how would I feel? Mad or sophisticated? Hhhmm...
Foliage sounds rather relaxing...hahah :)

Space Bar said...

i'd actually never be able to sleep in any room that was not cream or white, or tones of the same. i guess that makes me gujju (though why gujjus are automatically not muslim is not clear!)!

nice to see you back and blogging! hy am i exclaiming to much?!

Banno said...

Colors do affect me, mfm157. I guess maroon would make you feel both mad and sophisticated at the same time.

i haven't yet started sleeping in this emerald green room, space bar, so will definitely let you know what happens. well, bohri muslims are gujjus too, actually. but gujaratis are automatically hindus, just like maharashtrians are, and as are south indians and so on, unless they are qualified muslims. india is a secular country.

SUR NOTES said...

hey batul, a foliage room sounds so so cool and soothing. let us know if your usual beatific smile changes after sleeping in this foliage room. and now i just HAVE to drop by.

mfm157 said...

Come to think of it, maybe I should change the color in my classroom...jungle green? What would happen then?! Scary thought.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Newbie here. Two questions, if I may.
1 - Are you really Gujarati?
2 (or 1b) - If so, where did you get the blog name from? It's a Bangla phrase, from children's literature.


Banno said...

Yes, I am really Gujarati. Yes, my blog name is a Bengali phrase, isn't it, from Abarendrinath Tagore's children's magazine, or book?

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