Sunday, April 16, 2006

Having geeky fun

I've spent two whole days doing geeky stuff to my blog, changing the colors, I know they are particularly virulent now but love orange and yellow.

I've also been adding a statcounter, a tagboard, a who links to me code, but the most fun thing I've added is a Flickr Photo Zeitgeist.

I lap up everything I read about blogs, and try to put it all on mine. But for someone who knows nothing about web design, I'm learning a lot.

If you are so inclined, also try out some new template designs from Blogger Templates. Aman's designs are really good, and he's also very helpful, and patient with ignoramuses like me. Unfortunately, his template script is not working on my browser for some reason.

Here's to geeks who work hard to make stuff user-friendly.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment about my tattoo design, I look forward to what my father comes up with.

Askinstoo said...

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Indeterminacy said...

I'm seeing those flickr thingies all over now. They look great and I'd like to get one too, but I think I'd need a gallery first. I don't even have a digital camera!

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