Saturday, December 19, 2009


after a Fish a la Jagat dinner on a terrace restaurant over Lake Pichola, all I can say, folks, is have a lovely Christmas.


Ashley said...

I love Udaipur. I stayed at the Shikarbadi and it was a great visit. Enjoy!

illusionaire said...

The fish though, won't be having such a lovely Christmas... :D

Merry X'mas, dear Banno. And by the way, I just got featured in Tehelka (The Game changers 2000 - 2009). Woohooooo! :D

memsaab said...

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and Teja and Dhanno! I look forward to seeing you again in 2010!

Anonymous said...

Wowww! Sounds exotic :-) Happy Nuuu Year too!

Banno said...

Ashley, yes, Udaipur was lovely. Definitely a place to go back to.

Illusionaire, lots of fish. :) Great news about Tehelka. Must get the issue.

Memsaab, to you too, and your family.

Writerzblock, to you too.