Wednesday, May 06, 2009

and you thought all i was thinking of was dhanno

Read my rant 'To Poo or Not to Poo' on Upperstall.


Violet said...

Tagged you..

dustedoff said...

Good one. And I can empathise... I was on a fabulous heritage walk in Old Delhi (outside the beautiful colonial Shroff Eye Hospital) when I stepped back to get a better shot - without looking back to see where I was going. Now my shoe has a doggie token. Ugh.

But then: Delhi has a lot of strays. It's not just a question of people whose pet pooches aren't trained.

Banno said...

Violet, will try.

Dustedoff, yes, it's the same here. Our building complex alone has some 17 strays. No kidding. Generations of dogs, ancestral property, something like that.

dustedoff said...

Speaking of strays: the worst case I've come across is in Meerut (UP), where my parents stay. One of the local villages on the periphery of the town - very close to my parents' home - has nearly a hundred strays. Apart from the filth, they actually gang up and attack people - mauled a couple of little kids to death. It was horrifying, and the municipal authorities refused to do anything to get rid of the strays.

Makes my hair stand on end.

Hades said...


There was this bit by Seinfeld which went something like this:

"Imagine if aliens were studying Earth.

They'd see one species following around the other, cleaning up its shit...

Who, would they counclude, was the dominant species on Earth?

Banno said...

Dustedoff, that's really scary. It is frightening if one has to come back late at night in a rickshaw or a bike. The dogs in our apartment building are quite peaceful, but they've frightened some old people walking a few times, leading to untoward accidents.

Hades, exactly. :)

Anonymous said...

Had a good time reading it, Dhanno.