Wednesday, April 01, 2009

lost and found in translation

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SUR NOTES said...

So rivers and trains dont get lost/reinvented in translations?

Fantastic post!

Tazeen said...


having being part of something like this, i so get it.

karrvakarela said...

You know, I finally saw Luck By Chance. It's exceptional, not only for its humor but also for Zoya Akhtar's examination of the industry. One particular scene, where Farhan Akhtar goes to audition for "Dil ki Aag" and looks at all the other hopefuls, really drives it home, the ambition and the futility of it. For every film that's made, how many hearts are broken? I'm sure at least a few of those boys (and girls) could have excelled in fields outside of cinema had they not been lured by the promise of stardom.

It makes me wonder. By watching movies, are we perpetuating their failure, keeping them yoked to their futile struggles. What happens to these kids after the system breaks down their dreams?

Banno said...

Sur, I hope not.

Tazeen, :-)

Karrvakarela, I'd hate to stop watching films to keep young people and old from burning with their dreams. That's life, really. There are some who are consumed with a mad passion, unrealistic dreams, and what have you. And there are enough people who live sane, well-balanced lives. As long as mad dreams don't kill people.

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