Sunday, November 16, 2008

There's pink and there's pink

Yet another thing that keeps me sufficiently and suitably distracted from film making is my obsession with lipsticks.

One of the things I like to do, when I really need to do nothing at all, as opposed to not having anything to do,

is chop up bits of lipsticks which are old, or the wrong colors, or simply boring now that they've lasted forever, and just won't give up their mortal existence,

and mix them all up.

I used to melt them over a pan of boiling water, now I just put them into a tiny tin and mesh them all together with the end of a nail file or a cut off ear bud. I mix in lots of lip balm too.

There, I have a new color in my life, which is usually the same color as most of the others I have, i.e. pink. Plus I satisfy my cheap, middle-class housewifely urges to recycle.

Grasshopper though has a different opinion about lipstick.


Space Bar said...

so long as the end result is pink!

wv: sporm.

Anonymous said...

I've never been able to wear lipstick. Teach me how? Please? (Make meee pretttty!)

Anonymous said...

Pink is my very most absolute favoritest color EVER. But I don't wear lipstick, am too lazy (although I love putting on eye makeup, which makes no sense I know).

Also I hate cooking, which is kind of what your lipstick recycling reminds me of :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun and recycling has to be good! I have tons of unused lipsticks in various shades of brown. Will try a few magic chants as I mix them together and hopefully they will turn into a better color! :-)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I wear colored lipgloss from a stick, all in varying rose shades (hence looking at the world with rose-tinted glasses :D) I wonder if ur idea would work on that too-how would I get it out of the stick??? mmm will try tonight :)

anja said...

you are too cute=) truly, love your mc housewifely urges! I never thought of it, I shall be melting my lipsticks too how much fun for Anika and me=) BTW leaving for desh tomoro will be Mumbai based very short trip but would love to meet if possible. ..? anjalikaATgmail

Anonymous said...

heh, like that lesson on lipstick blending from Kissing Jessica Stein. :) nice.

Banno said...

Oh yes, Space Bar.

Neha, if you like I'll arrange lessons with Dhanno. She can teach all of us a thing or two. :)

Memsaab, Aww! I love cooking. You love eating?

Bollyviewer, if your chants serve to change the browns to pinks, do patent them.

Shweta, use a crooked finger.

Anja, oh yes, kids love mixing lipstick. It's sufficiently gooey.

Black Mamba, :)

Anonymous said...

haha! This is pretty classic!

Anonymous said...

I should really do that, I have colors that I like but I must admit they feel to heavy - AND I am too lazy to do gloss and lipstick at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could carry off pink. I look all mouth - like a glorified chimpanzee - if I try it. But yep, maybe if I dished up a cocktail of all the pinks I've been gifted, and added a touch of red or whatever, I just may get something interesting... hmmm. An idea for something to do over the weekend (I'd been initially planning to watch Chandni Chowk to China, but the reviews are far from rave, so gotta find alternatives, huh?). Lipstick factory it is.

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