Wednesday, August 05, 2009

let's learn how to kiss, please

What I'm wondering is what will happen to Jai (Saif Ali Khan) and Meera (Deepika Padukone) once they do get married?

Their 'Aaj' love is so bland, their kisses so like the Rubber-Duck raincoats of school days, dry in a squeaky, rubbery way, the smell of rubber obfuscating the smell of the rain.

Jai seems like a man with no practice in kissing, and if he has had practice, hasn't learned much on the job. Doesn't forebode well for their marital life. (Or is it just that he'd rather have been kissing his beautiful girl, Bebo?)

I liked Meera only in the last scene when she cried with relief once Jai did come back, and then drew away from a kiss, awkward after the long separation. At least, she stopped smiling.

For the rest of the film, I was wondering about her parents, wondering what they had done to her that she needed so much to be so nice, so understanding, so 'smiley' all the time?

She was no less mute than the 'Kal' girl from a small town, Veer's (Saif Ali Khan) love Harleen (Giselle Monteiro). The 'Kal' girl at least metamorphed into ***** ******, and had a reason to be mute (Brazilian playing Punjabi, cut all her dialogues, please!).

Anyway, to come back to kisses, my friend Tanmay Agarwal, who's been having a set-to with the Censor Board for a couple of kisses in his indie film 'Chal Chaliye' has devised a table of censor guidelines set for a kiss. Check that out and more on kisses at his site and don't forget to take the poll.


Space Bar said...

still haven't worked up the interest to go see that film. i hate multiplexes being flooded with prints of one film. in hyd, between this one and magadheera, i'm really - how shall i put i - pissed off.

have to blog about tanmay's film. thanks for reminding me.

blue sunride said...

Ahem! So the verdict is 'still' SHITTY (a friend called up and used the aforementioned word expressing her disgust at the movie)
I wonder how Deepika ever got such rave reviews OSO on. I mean, she is so 'WOODEN'

Banno said...

Space Bar, I know. Am sick and tired of these films really. Come out feeling so S... A... D.

blue sunride, boring! The film. Deepika was wooden, but her role was under-written too, to be fair to her.

SUR NOTES said...

oh dear, i was all excited about seeing this one...

Banno said...

Sur, go see it.

Aspi said...

What kiss?! I remember a peck or two on the lips :)

Violet said...

Oh.. I was looking forward to this one :(

dipali said...

I enjoyed it in large parts.
We'd gone for the 11.30 pm show, so I had dozed off a couple of times.
Wooden though she may be, I love looking at Deepika- her eyes are lovely. I also loved her in her overalls.
I wondered about both sets of families, Banno!

Banno said...

Aspi, my wrong. Those pecks could hardly be called kisses.

Violet, see it anyway :)

dipali, yes, dozing off could be a good way of seeing the film. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't actually expect to see a critique of their kissing technique, but I can see what you mean. At some level, it's as if neither of them crossed the wide-eyed teenager phase.

Having said that, they did seem physically comfortable with each other, something that you don't often see in Hindi movies even these days. I mean, compare this with Jodhaa and Akbar finally consummating their marriage -- halfway through that song, I was beginning to wonder if Maham Anga had a point.

Apropos Love Aaj Kal, I remember watching the movie and wondering if the phrase love-tag had been coined yet to describe their out-of-sync growing up. He begins to see the light, then resolutely turns away. Then she decides that she needs to resolve this, a bit after she's been married, by which time he's flying away to SF...


Banno said...

Yes, Ramsu, they do seem comfortable, like good pals. Nothing more. Perhaps it's Saif's role, he just seems to be too old to be doing this confused yuppie kind of a thing which was very charming in 'Kal Ho Na Ho'.

Didn't you like the Jodha Akbar chemistry, I thought that in that love song they were all there. Very slow, I admit, it took forever, and yet .... Maybe it's also he music.