Tuesday, February 26, 2008

guess what?

Jacket on my work chair.
Shoes and dirty socks under my nose.
Dirty clothes on the dining table.
Travel bag on my trampoline.
Wallet on one table.
Keys on another.
Wet towel draped on door.
Boxes of strawberries.
No prizes for guessing.
Teja is back home.


SUR NOTES said...

: )

i wish i knew how to make the smiley grin like a jackass. thats what i am doing at the moment.

Indeterminacy said...

ooooh, will you share the strawberries with me? ;-)

Banno said...

Great, Sur. Nice way to start the day, no?

Oh sure, Indy, if you give me a ticket to Europe. :)

dipali said...

You have a trampoline? (Eyes widen in awe)
Our house- wet towel on bed
dirty clothes on floor beside the laundry hamper.
All so familiar.Enjoy the strawberries:)

Banno said...

Yes, Dipali. We do. A purple one. It's small. 3X3 ft. Takes up a substantial part of our living room. Bought for Dhanno, a few years ago. Used mainly by self. Great way to go back to skipping days.

Space Bar said...

heh! our trampoline is also always full of stuff. S gets very annoyed with me. loud complaints all the time...

Banno said...

Yes, Space Bar, nothing more annoying than that. Trampolines are meant for jumping on, not dumping stuff. Totally sympathize with S. :)

SUR NOTES said...

spacebar: and S is? G?

Pragya said...

Wow! Does this one strike a chord! Any available surface becomes a temporary station for discards!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! :)


Space Bar said...

sur: then who?!

dipali said...

@Space Bar- et tu Space bar- you have a trampoline too? Where was I when they became available? Or is it something you have to belong to a secret sorority to know about? I guess its alright though,
in my house it would end up as a repository for newspapers files, soggy towels and worse(:

Space Bar said...

no, no, trampoline is for son. it's not a family heirloom! i used my parents' bed!

dipali said...

@space bar: my poor deprived children
never had a trampoline-boo hoo!

Banno said...

Hey Pragya, I lurk on your blog more often than you know of.

Space Bar, is G - S, well, unless there's a long-lost twin we know nothing of.

Dipali, get yourself a trampoline, and the kids can stare goggle-eyed when they visit. Sports shop.


dipali said...

Good idea! It'll probably go the way of the exer-bike- morph into a towel rail or clothes horse or something!
I will just stew in my jealous misery:)

Space Bar said...

yes, yes. tampolines are the greatest fun. but for people like us, they have to be tied higher so our feet don't hit the ground when we do that enthu jump.


Itchingtowrite said...

1st time here. loved the rickshaw post!! very correct but i thought for pondicherry it was Rs 15-20 anywhere within some kilometers/

our home- washed clothes on dining table (who puts clothes on dining table?-- us, us, us)
wet towel on bed- yes
wallet, watch, keys on the showcase
i am glad thre r othr homs like ours

Banno said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Banno said...


No, no, if you don't speak Tamil, the rates double up.

I'm glad too that Teja is not the only one who's exasperatingly untidy.It would be a hard cross to bear alone.


Awwww!! this poem oozes affection and may I say- tolerance ? Lovely :)

Banno said...


Teja would not agree, about the tolerance bit. He gets a lot of flak for his untidiness. Not that it makes any difference to him.

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