Tuesday, August 29, 2006


After weeks of resistance, Vivek, Aiman and I finally succumbed to 'KANK' yesterday. Like all good Indian families, we resort to Hindi films to save us when we are tired, bored, just fed up of our daily routine. Then like rajma-rice, we need a Hindi film - comfort food.

Last evening, exhausted with a fortnight's entertaining, computer vissicitudes, the dreariness of administrative details, Aiman's fatigue, the collapse of our domestic arrangements with Leela's absence, a few minutes of 'Khoon Pasina' on Sony TV was good fun. Sequences after sequences in green, I wondered if the costume director had bought rolls of cloth and cut everyone's suits in the same measure, Vinod Khanna and Amitabh Bacchan in leather jackets, with dashing faux fur collars. Fights, drama, tears. We wanted more.

So, the big screen across the road beckoned us. It will be a laugh, if nothing else, we thought. What can I say?

We gorged ourselves sick with popcorn, we squirmed in our seats with goggle-eyed amazement, we kept pinching each other in our effort to believe it was really happening on screen. Dialogues that would do justice to a C-grade film, sequences seemingly written, not to entertain, but to bore the audience beyond measure, actors who wandered around as dazed as us, not having an iota of a clue as to what they were all about, ugly, ugly close-ups, music and dance mediocre.

Today, I read, KJ may make KANK-2. NRIs loved KANK. It seems. Well!

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Space Bar said...

heh! so you guys watched it after all, hanh? wasn't the first part of the film souped up david dhawan?

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