Saturday, April 15, 2006

Being alone

Dhanno has gone for a weekend visit to our old neighbors in Goregaon. They looked after her when she was a toddler, and they stand in for our families which do not live in Mumbai.

Teja is shooting. I am virtually alone at home, for three days, and wonder what I should do with my time.

Dhanno goes off somewhere, even for a day or two, I think of how it will be when she finally leaves the nest a few years from now.

It seems like yesterday when I had to carry her around everywhere, and right now, we have to schedule everything according to her school, exams, hobbies, friends. And then, there will be freedom. And what are parents, specially mothers to do with their new-found freedom?

I know I sound like an utter loser, as
Dhanno would say. But just missing her.


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Blogger Templates said...

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Mukul said...

arrey, abhi se thinking about when she will leave home? met another friend who said he watched his son grow thinking, "one day he will leave home". and now when he is 24, he wonders, "will he ever?". :)

SUR NOTES said...

i am still not there, but george is the senti father. when sanah rolled over for the first time he said -and soon she will want to leave home! and then she got her first tooth and he said- and soon she will want to leave! this time is somewhat understood...
i remember aiman as such a self assured, confident child when i was in the institute- she is going to spread her wings beautifully!

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