Friday, November 25, 2005

Back home

A long 20 days in Pune. I've gone back as a stranger for so many years, resigned to the changes, assuming the Pune I loved no longer existed. We have moved house, most of my friends have gone abroad, my other friends have also moved. The city has grown, the traffic is horrendous. Blah, blah, blah.

But shooting a film there, was the loveliest way to reclaim the city as my own. Living in the old, rambling YMCA, in the middle of Quartergate, eating everyday at the places where we had eaten during family outings, for more than 25 years, and finding the people very, very Puneri inspite of the malls, the traffic, the flyovers. Afternoon siestas prevail, 2 km distances are the other end of the world, and one can still whiz around the city three times in a day.

Shooting at Forest Castle, Silver Woods, and Satellite Towers was another experience altogether. Mundhawa is far by any Puneri standard, but the buildings are beautiful, with a Japanese austerity. They look fantastic on screen.

The children performed very well, except one of the kids, who being supremely talented, is also a bit of a monster, and definitely under-performed. We who knew her so well during rehearsals, were disappointed, imagining what she could have done with a little more concentration.

Otherwise, the usual goof-ups that happen on low-budget shoots. After watching the telecine rushes yesterday, relieved that we haven't messed up, a little ashamed at the spots where one lost control, and which immediately shows on celluloid, and wishing for the luxury of re-shooting bits that need it.

Anyway, still recovering. And getting used to Mumbai all over again. The worst was coming from the Pune winter to the Mumbai sultry heat. Back again.


Innocent Bullet said...

Wish you a joyous new year :-)

joemiller4377 said...

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Demi Goddezz said...

nice! wish u all the luck in the coming year!

david raphael israel said...

I think I exchanged notes with you several months ago, when I'd just joined Ryze [for Caferti], and you were trying to find a location in Pune for your shoot. Now I see things have rolled quite a ways from that point. Congrats!
If you have a place where the film project is described per se, that would be nice to feature prominently -- e.g. via a link on the blog sidebar. Then people like me (curious to have an easy overview of it) wouldn't have to bug you with such questions. ;-)
anyway: will be good to see what it is eventually, when completed.


travisprice2678395845 said...

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